PBU-SIFE Named 2012 Regional Champions

IMG_4563On April 4, 2012, PBU-Students in Free Enterprise (PBU-SIFE) was named a Regional Champion at SIFE’s Regional Competition in Baltimore, Maryland, qualifying for SIFE’s National Competition to be held in Kansas City on May 22-24, 2012. 36 teams from colleges and universities in the Mid-Atlantic Region gathered at the event in Baltimore. Over 400 students and faculty attended.
In a field of tough competition, PBU was not only named a Regional Champion, but also received the 4.0 Club Award, “In recognition of quality educational programs, success in SIFE,  and long-term sustainability to improve the quality of life and standard of living for others in the academic year 2011-2012.”
The PBU-SIFE presentation team consisted of students Elizabeth Burns (Sophomore, Education and Bible major); Adam Derus (Senior, Business Administration and Bible major); Rebecca Field (Senior, Bible and M.S. in Christian Counseling major); Amanda McDevitt (Senior, Bible and Master of Business Administration major); Noah Prickett (Junior, Business Administration and Bible major); Michael Rothermel (Sophomore, Business Administration and Bible major); Jacob Stott (Sophomore, Bible and M.S. in Education major); and Bridget VanCook (Sophomore, Discipleship Counseling and Bible major).
They were assisted by Mr. Ron Ferner, Dean of the School of Business and Leadership (PBU-SIFE Sam Walton Fellow 2011-2012); Mr. Yunn Kang, Part-Time Faculty (Sam Walton Fellow 2011-2012); and Dr. Bill Bowles, Professor and Chair, Graduate Programs in Business and Leadership (Sam Walton Fellow 2012-2013).
The team’s presentation consisted of a report on their major projects from the past year with media for each. The report addressed the impetus for each project, the methods implemented, and the results.  This year’s major projects included Set Beautiful Free in which 7 PBU-SIFE students traveled to Mumbai, India with a goal of expanding the market of the business enterprise branch of Bombay Teen Challenge, an organization which rescues women out of forced exploitation; and Climb For Freedom in which PBU-SIFE partnered with New York Mets pitcher R.A. Dickey to raise money for Bombay Teen Challenge’s health clinic through the use of social media promotion of Dickey’s climb to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro.
Other projects focused on PBU-SIFE’s local community and campus. Let’s Can Hunger was a project in which PBU-SIFE participated in Campbell Soup Company’s hunger awareness initiative for the fourth consecutive year. Partnering with Walgreens, the community, and the University, PBU-SIFE helped collect non-perishable food for the Penndel and Bristol Borough Food Banks. The Living Green Seminar provided community families an Activity Day which focused on learning to reduce the amount of waste a family produces. RIDE, PBU-SIFE’s annual two-day seminar, teaches the fundamentals of résumé preparation, interviewing, dress, and professional etiquette. Finally, PBU-SIFE presented the start of a new initiative to install hydration stations at water fountains across campus which transform them into ones that fill water bottles in their upright positions, working to reduce the amount of plastic water bottles that fill campus waste receptacles.
Rebecca Field, a member of the presentation team, described the competition as full of high energy and high nerves. “Only 2 of the 5 teams in our league would advance and the pressure was on to make it, like we have for the past 12 years,” she said. “The team as a whole presented well, but what really made it better was that the heart of each and every one of us was completely invested in what SIFE is doing and the people we are helping both here on campus, in the community, and around the world in Mumbia, India.”
Cynthia Salgado, a Senior Business Administration and Bible major who attended the event to support her classmates, said, “I was really encouraged to see so many students who had a head for business and a heart for the world. I was especially proud of the PBU-SIFE team at all the hard work they did.”
Liz Burns, another presentation team member, noted that now they must focus and look forward to Nationals, “We offered up the entire competition to God, acknowledging that all the projects we were presenting on, from India to the Career Fair, were because of His doing and for that we were entirely thankful. We set out to not only represent our SIFE team and PBU, but to represent God and the work He is doing in Langhorne and through Bombay Teen Challenge in India. We’re excited we are 2012 SIFE Regional Champs, but now that we’re back in Langhorne we’re going to hit the ground running and do everything we can to perfect our performance. Why? Because this is for God, and we want to do our very best to bring honor and glory to Him.”


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