PBU-SIFE Launches First Hydration Station

waterfilter2This spring, PBU-Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) embarked on a Hydration Station project to reduce waste on campus, with the Women for Less Waste Grant, sponsored by the national SIFE organization and o.b.®, a brand of Johnson & Johnson. On April 2, 2012, the first Hydration Station was opened for use on PBU’s campus. Bridget VanCook (Sophomore, Discipleship Counseling major) worked as the chairperson for the project and coordinated the launch event.
An estimated 1000 disposable water bottles are used and disposed of each semester on our campus. With the installation of the Hydration Station, PBU-SIFE is helping to eliminate or reduce that waste. As a part of the launch, PBU-SIFE challenged students to take action in the reduction of waste on campus. 62 students committed to use only reusable water bottles for one year.
The first Hydration Station is located in the Biblical Learning Center. It is an extra unit installed on top of a traditional water fountain which allows water bottles to be easily filled in their upright position. The unit provides two additional filters, including a WaterSentry filter that filters 3000 gals of water before needing maintenance.
Following the launch event, Bridget VanCook commented, “It has been so exciting to help reduce waste on PBU campus. We look forward to transitioning more water fountains into Hydration Stations in the coming months.”


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