OneLife Institute Partners with Cairn University

Cairn University and OneLife Institute have partnered to serve a niche market of high school graduates seeking unique developmental experiences prior to starting a college career.

OneLife is a nine-month Christian gap year program based in Pennsylvania that is designed for students who want to grow in their faith, experience genuine community, serve others, and travel while earning credits for college.

Through the partnership, OneLife students who study at the Lancaster, Three Springs Ministries (Morris, PA), or Pinebrook Camp (East Stroudsburg, PA) locations will benefit from comparative college-level course curricula to Cairn University. Upon completion of the program, OneLife students earn up to 30 course credits, which they can use to continue their education at Cairn or any other college. Additionally, OneLife students who decided to continue their education at Cairn University receive a $13,000/ yr scholarship, in addition to any need-based aid.

“I am very excited about our new partnership with OneLife,” expressed Dr. Todd Williams, president of Cairn University. “This is a program that has real impact in the lives of its students, both spiritually and intellectually. The kind of intentional discipleship that takes place in this program resonates with us, and I could not be happier that OneLife students will be able to earn Cairn credits and be a part of our community.”

“We are thrilled to begin this journey with Cairn and excited to offer another path for students to follow after engaging in a year at OneLife,” said Peter Sullivan, CEO of OneLife Institute. “Missionally, the partnership between Cairn and OneLife is a great fit, and at the end of the day if we are pointing lives towards Christ, we’ve done our job.”

Cairn University and the OneLife Institute desire to serve the ministry of the church and provide a meaningful educational experience that is transformational and distinctly Christian. Cairn and OneLife have similar missions while serving slightly different constituent groups within the northeast region of the US. 


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