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Michigan Alumni Gather at the Givens’ Residence

On Saturday, November 14, David ’68 and Board of Trustee member Elizabeth (Mason) ’69 Givens hosted an alumni gathering and information session at their home in Canton, MI. In addition to the graduates of the early 60s, other attendees included a current student, several friends of the University, a local Christian school superintendent, an inquiring high-school student, and others interested in learning more.

Given' Residence, Canton, MI
Given’ Residence, Canton, MI

President Dr. Todd Williams and Sr. VP for University Advancement Russ Nixon led the session to bring the alumni and guests up to speed on what is happening at Cairn today. While only a portion of the 70 Cairn alumni residing in Michigan were able to attend the event, they represented the alumni who are engaged in a variety of occupations including pastoral ministry, banking, financial planning, social work, counseling, and business management.
During the event, attendees had the opportunity to ask questions about the University regarding its biblical core curriculum, major and minor academic offerings, status of sports teams, financial planning for parents, and challenges that society is placing on the University. Dr. Williams fielded questions for the whole group, but much of the deep conversation happened around the kitchen counter with attendees sharing what they knew about the University.
Dr. Williams and Julie Simon Osborn '93 sharing memories
Dr. Williams and Julie Simon Osborn ’93 sharing memories

For many alumni, this was the first personal reconnect with the University in years. Dorm mates Lindow Koop ’66 and Rev. Glenn Dundore ’65 caught up with each other, while classmates Dr. Todd Williams ’92 and Julie Simon Osborne ’93 exchanged memories. Dr. Juliet Campbell-Farrell, professor in the School of Social Work, and her daughter, Breana ’17, drove in from a conference in Grand Rapids and interacted with the inquiring high-school student and his mom.
The following day, Dr. Williams preached at Calvary Baptist Church, and after the service Dr. Frank ’62 and Jane (Furman)’62 Severn and John ’71 and Donna (Atkinson )’72 Shinn came by for a meal with Dr. Williams before he returned to Philadelphia.
In the previous week, Dave and Liz Givens had visited John Carman ’77, VP of Operations at Inner City Christian Federation in Grand Rapids, as well as other grads across the state.
In each of these alumni and friends events put on by the Alumni and Advancement Office, we are seeing greater and greater interest in Cairn and enthusiasm about the alumni office’s earnest efforts at reaching alumni and bringing Cairn University to them, wherever they are.

Interested in planning a reunion in your area? Contact Alumni Director Nate Wambold at [email protected] or call 215.702.4393.


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