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Keith and Kristyn Getty Perform in Concert

GettyConcert2015-KristynModern hymn writers Keith and Kristyn Getty visited Cairn University as a part of their “Hymns for the Christian Life” tour on Wednesday, October 28, 2015. Hailing from Northern Ireland, the husband and wife duo are best known for their hymns, “In Christ Alone” and “The Power of the Cross.”

In the afternoon, Keith and Kristyn Getty led a workshop for local worship leaders and shared their vision for hymns, worship, and the importance of strengthening the church with a body of songs that can be sung for life. In the evening, they performed songs from their album, “Hymns for the Christian Life.” Influenced by both Irish melodies and American bluegrass and country music, Keith and Kristyn performed music that touched on themes commonly experienced in Christians’ day-to-day life, such as work, money, and social action.

Keith explains his vision in creating the album:

Amid conversations with friends and coworkers around our dinner table and on our porch, we found ourselves discussing the challenges of the Christian life. We pondered ideas such as, ‘What does it mean to succeed in your job but not make it your God? How do I handle doubt? In what way should I pray for my children? What is our responsibility for the care of others inside and outside our community?’ We believe the Gospel story touches every part of life, so these new songs are a reflection of those conversations and us turning to the Gospel for guidance.

Cairn is pleased to provide opportunities, such as the Getty concert, for the community to gather and worship together as the body of Christ.

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