Homecoming 2015

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text disable_pattern=”true” align=”left” margin_bottom=”0″]Homecoming-2015Despite inclement weather, alumni from throughout the years gathered with current students, faculty, and staff to celebrate Cairn University’s Homecoming 2015. Homecoming weekend is one of the University’s biggest events, featuring a special chapel series, a concert, various activities, family-friendly stations, and reunions to unite the entire Cairn community on campus once a year.
Pink-Day-2015While Homecoming weekend took place October 1–3, Cairn students participated in Spirit Week and attended Heritage Week chapels in anticipation of the big weekend. In the days leading up to Homecoming, the campus buzzed with energy as faculty, staff, and students joined in the festivities of Spirit Week, from wearing head to toe in pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Day to donning identical outfits on Twin Day.

Phil-Wickham-2015On Monday, September 30, Director of Alumni Relations Nate Wambold interviewed a panel of faculty members (Professors Charlotte Gleason ’02, Edgar Hardesty ’75, and Dr. Juliet Campbell-Farrell) who shared their experiences at Cairn as former students and as current faculty members. On Wednesday, October 30, Nancy Charles Parker ’70 shared her experiences and insights regarding serving the Lord around the world as a member of the United States Foreign Service. To wrap up the week of alumni chapels, on Friday, October 2, Bryan Loritts ’95 delivered a powerful message from Ephesians regarding the important work of building multiethnic churches.

     Watch Homecoming chapel videos.
Homecoming weekend was kicked off early this year with a Phil Wickham concert held on campus on Thursday, October 1. Despite the jam-packed MAC where the concert was held, Wickham, a one-man band, delivered an intimate and soulful performance. His set included favorites such as “This is Amazing Grace” and “At Your Name (Yahweh, Yahweh).”
President-and-Roosevelt-2015Following the concert was the Garden Party, held on Friday evening, October 2. Cairn administration, faculty, staff, students, and alumni gathered in Chatlos Chapel to mingle with one another and converse personally with President Dr. Todd Williams. In spite of dark skies and rain, the Garden Party was lit up with good food, music, and fellowship.
Inflatables-2015Due to the onset of Hurricane Joaquin, the day’s events on Saturday, October 3 were moved indoors. However, with the First Year Programs reunion, alumni reception, and social work 50th anniversary celebration, there were still plenty of ways for alumni to connect and celebrate. Homecoming 2015 also featured the Women’s Volleyball game vs. Summit University, a petting zoo, a mechanical bull arena, inflatables, and youth activity tables run by the Arts & Culture and Israel & Archaeology First Year Programs.

As evident from the turnout for Thursday’s Phil Wickham concert, Friday’s Garden Party, and Saturday’s Homecoming festivities, it is clear that even a major rain storm could not dampen the spirit and fellowship at Cairn University.
Interested in attending Homecoming 2016? Looking for ways to stay connected with the University? Email Director of Alumni Relations Nate Wambold at [email protected].

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Watch Homecoming Chapel Videos
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