Global Mission Week 2012 Begins

Global Mission Week ChapelOn Monday morning, February 20, 2012, Philadelphia Biblical University celebrated the opening of Global Mission Week with a University Chapel in the Mason Activity Center Gymnasium. Students, faculty, staff, prospective students and their families, and missionary representatives from various organizations gathered together to begin a week of focus on God’s work around the globe. The 2012 Global Mission Week theme is Missions and the Powers: Political, Economic, and Spiritual.
Dr. Brian Toews, University Provost, introduced the week’s keynote speaker, U. Anyanwu. Mr. Anyanwu began his address by asking those gathered to allow him to amend the Global Mission Week theme. “I wish to change it to ‘Missions and the Powers: Spiritual, Political, and Economic,’ he said. “So often we push the spiritual dimension to the background, but in reality it comes first. Many things happen in the spiritual realm before the physical.”  Mr. Anyanwu went on to challenge his listeners to consider missions as God’s enterprise to redeem what was lost in the Fall recounted in Genesis 3. “The contest to redeem the nations to God has been on for centuries; it’s been on for millennia.”
“The powers of darkness want to subdue the nations so that they will be subject to them,” Mr. Anyanwu said. “The need is not just to raise volunteers to go, or to raise funds to support them. It will be take reliance upon God’s power for His Word to enter hearts.”
He challenged students to consider it an honor to be called to work with God. “When God calls you, don’t fight. When you are fighting with God, who do you think will win the battle? Many of you, before you leave this place will see God addressing His call to you to join His fight to redeem the nations. When God calls, say ‘Yes, Lord. Here am I. Send me.’  The powers of darkness will try to prevent you, but let me tell you, the work will continue. It is not about you. It did not start with you, and it will not end with you.”
Global-Mission Week Guest SpeakerOn Wednesday and Friday, Mr. Anyawu will continue his series, examining the economic and political powers of our day and the global mission work of God in the midst of them.  Throughout the week, activities and events are scheduled for students to engage in the ideas presented by Mr. Anyanwu and the missionary representatives who will be in classes and interacting informally with students throughout the week.
Highlights of the week will be the Global Mission Week Lecture Series which will examine the Church’s relationship with political, economic, and spiritual powers, and the Student Missions Festival event on Wednesday evening in which attendees can experience and celebrate the ways God has used PBU students and faculty around the world.


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