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Forward Together National Campaign Tour Stops in Lancaster

The Forward Together National Tour stopped in Lancaster, PA, on Thursday, March 30th. At each stop on the tour, the event organizers ask individuals to share some reflections on their experience. In the April edition of Cairn’s eNews, our president, Dr. Todd J. Williams, preempted our request by focusing on the Lancaster event:

“This past week, I spoke at an alumni event in Lancaster, PA, to share some updates on happenings here and to talk about the Forward campaign. We had a great crowd. There were representatives from graduating classes across many different decades and programs. We heard testimonies from our beloved Dr. Marti MacCullough and from current student Cody Skaer, whose father was a student of Marti’s. At events such as this, it always strikes me that part of our institution’s history and legacy is that we have been changing almost from the moment we were founded; yet, at our very core, our central commitments to Jesus Christ, the gospel, and the authoritative, inspired, and inerrant Word of God have remained constant…  
“Many things change in the course of our lifetimes—some because we choose to change, and some because things change around us.  Other things remain the same. In an ever-changing world, there is a need for individuals and organizations who demonstrate the ability to change what needs to be changed while upholding and maintaining the things that should never change. This balance requires wisdom, conviction, and vision. When these three things converge, exciting things with meaningful and lasting impact occur.”

Dr. Williams’ reflection strikes at the core of what made this event unique, as well as some of what makes Cairn itself unique. Each Forward Together event brings to light new alumni connections, distinctions, and diversity, making it ever more evident that Cairn is already moving into its next century boldly, bravely, and uncompromisingly.


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