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First Violin Summit of the David Kim Orchestral Institute

David-Kim-Violin-Summit-2015In April 2015, Cairn University partnered with violinist David Kim, concertmaster of The Philadelphia Orchestra, to form the David Kim Orchestral Institute of Cairn University (DKOI). As both the University and David Kim are committed to excellence in arts and music education in light of a biblical worldview, this partnership seeks to impact both local and international music communities by providing the highest level of training and opportunities for musicians to flourish professionally and spiritually.
David Kim will serve as artistic director of DKOI, as well as a special appointment faculty member of Cairn University. “I want to invest in the next generation of orchestral players, musically and spiritually,” Kim states. “Cairn University is the perfect setting to do so.”
As a part of the DKOI’s efforts to provide training for high school and college students, as well as professional musicians, the institute launched its first violin summit on November 18–22, 2015. The purpose of the summit is to provide a unique and dynamic experience for artistic growth and musical enrichment. The event attracted participants of all ages from around the world, and after a competitive audition process, 16 were accepted including two Cairn faculty members.
David-Chan-Masterclass-2015The highlights of the summit included lessons, mock auditions, and master classes with David Kim; concertmaster of the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra, David Chan; violinists of the Philadelphia Orchestra, Juliette Kang and Richard Amoroso; and assistant concertmaster of the New York Philharmonic, Michelle Kim.
Participants also had the privilege to attend rehearsals and concerts of the Philadelphia Orchestra at the Kimmel Center in Philadelphia. On Thursday, November 19, they observed the Philadelphia Orchestra rehearse for their concert, “Tchaikovsky’s Winter Dreams.” On Saturday, November 21, they attended the concert, which featured Liszt Mazeppa, Sibelius Violin Concerto, and Tchaikovsky First Symphony.
On Sunday, November 22, select members of the institute participated in the gala concert with David Kim and members of the Philadelphia Orchestra. David Kim performed as soloist and leader in DKOI’s presentation of Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons” in the culminating concert of this fall’s orchestral summit.
In addition to music lessons and training, members of the institute also spent time hearing the testimonies of DKOI faculty and Dr. Benjamin Harding, dean of the School of Music. The first violin summit of DKOI was a success with rigorous training, exciting opportunities, and fellowshipping and networking with musicians in a nurturing and spiritual environment.

To learn more about the David Kim Orchestral Institute of Cairn University, visit the webpage or contact Dr. Benjamin Harding at [email protected].


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