Sacra Pagina

September 21 – October 15
Connie A. Eastburn Gallery

Cairn University

Open to the public 9am-7pm, Monday-Saturday (Sundays by appointment only).


Sacra Pagina, a traveling exhibit of Museum of the Bible, highlights ways people both in and out of the academic community approach and study the Bible. As the Bible is not researched by only one perspective, but by many disciplines that together provide a fuller understanding, each case in the exhibit looks at one question we have received from visitors in the past regarding a particular aspect of biblical research.

The Bodmer Papyrus

The Bodmer Papyrus

Engage with questions such as:

Why are the oldest materials so important?
(Textual Criticism: Analyzing Early Biblical Manuscripts)

Why did the author say it that way?
(History: Analyzing the Word of the Author)

Why are there “extra” books?
(Canon: Analyzing the Structure and Composition of the Bible)

Special lecture events and group tours available. More information coming soon.

If you are interested in scheduling a guided tour with your school or church group, please contact

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