Church Leaders Conference

Watch this Year’s Keynote Sessions

Thursday, March 7, 2019 • 9 am
Chatlos Chapel at Cairn University

The Cairn Church Leaders Conference is a one day, cross-denominational conference. Church leaders are invited to come for a refreshing and edifying experience.

: Our originally scheduled keynote speaker informed us that he was no longer able to speak at our conference this Thursday. We are still looking forward to a great day together, but we wanted to let you know about a few changes we need to make to the program. Along with changing the speaker, we are also changing the theme. Our new topic is a vitally important one – perhaps now as much as ever. It is the theme of “Perseverance.”

We will divide this into two sessions with two separate speakers. For our first plenary session, Dr. Todd J. Williams will address the issue from the standpoint of our need for “Persistence.” The second session will be an address by Dr. Jonathan Master on God’s work in “Preservation.”

Schedule of Events

Time Session
8:30–9 am Registration
9:30–10:30 am Main Session 1
10:30–10:45 am Break
10:45–11:50 am Breakout Sessions
12–12:45 pm  Lunch
12:45–1:45 pm  Main Session 2
1:45–2:15 pm  Q&A

Breakout Sessions

Dr. Kyle Canty: Planting the Gospel within Urban Space

Description: Explore the challenges and the prize of reaching urban space while gleaning an understanding of contextual ministry and why it is a necessary model used by church plants, as well existing churches, to reach our changing culture.

Dr. Keith Plummer: Challenges in Contemporary Apologetics

Description: Become more familiar with the cultural assumptions that make Christianity seem less plausible and learn how to engage those who hold them

Dr. Matt McAlack: Loving and Challenging Generation Z

Description: Investigate the uniqueness of Generation Z and brainstorm ways to join this generation’s perspective and challenge current trends to love and disciple the next generation.

Pastor John Stange: Reducing Stress in Ministry

Description: Learn the importance of understanding the unique stage your church might be at, the systems you’ll want to make sure are operating optimally, and the volunteers you’ll want to unleash to help accomplish the mission.

Register for the Cairn Church Leaders Conference 2019

COST $25
(Early-bird pricing: $20 through Feb. 7)

ALUMNI: Email for a special discount code!

Breakfast and lunch are included. Books and other free resources will also be available.

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