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Dr. Keith Plummer speaks at “Just Ask” Event at Bucks County Community College

Dr. Keith PlummerDr. Keith Plummer, professor of theology and apologetics in Cairn University’s School of Divinity, participated in an off-campus event with Bucks County Community College. On Thursday, October 24, the BCCC chapter of Cru, an organization focused on discipleship and evangelism in the US and internationally, hosted the “Just Ask” event in which students could ask any questions about Christianity. Dr. Plummer headlined the event to field questions. 
Prior to the event, BCCC Cru members gathered questions from their peers about Christianity, God, faith, and the Bible for Dr. Plummer to answer. Students could also send questions via email or ask questions live at an open mic.
As a professor of apologetics, Dr. Plummer was prepared to field the kind of questions he encountered most in the day’s event: issues related to the existence of God, the legitimacy of the Bible, the exclusivity of Christianity amongst other religions, and the character of God. While these questions can often ignite contentious conversation, Dr. Plummer greatly enjoyed the cordial, conversational atmosphere. 
“The time flew,” he explains. “Overall, the tone of the questions was very respectful, and there was no sense of hostility or an adversarial flavor in anything that I could detect from the questions.” Dr. Plummer speaks on stage at event
Though this was not the first time Dr. Plummer participated in an event like this one, he hopes to be involved in more Q&A-style forums advocating for the validity of the Christian faith. In the current cultural moment, many of these conversations take place on social media, and according to Dr. Plummer, attempting to have substantive discussions like this in such a limited format may cause more harm than good: “I don’t care how good you are at making a tweet-thread. It’s just not the same thing.” People of differing convictions need a better medium to converse, and the live Q&A format, he says, “is fitting for the time that we’re in.” 
Ultimately, Dr. Plummer hopes to exhibit “gracious communication” in a setting where Christians and non-Christians may hold strong disagreements. Events such as “Just Ask” at Bucks County Community College provide an opportunity for such communication to occur. 


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