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Dr. John Master Retires

On May 8, 2013, faculty and staff gathered to honor Dr. John Master, Professor Emeritus, who is retiring this year after 26 years of teaching at Cairn University. Dr. Master taught Bible and Doctrine courses throughout his time here, serving as a professor and Chair of the Bible Department. Dr. Master’s son, Dr. Jonathan Master, Dean of the School of Divinity, began the afternoon’s event, sharing his perspective on his father’s career.
Mr. Tom Allen, Associate Professor; Dr. Brian Toews, Provost; and Dr. Todd Williams, President also shared the impact Dr. Master had in their lives and their work at Cairn. Through their words and their stories, it became clear that Dr. Master was more than a colleague, but was clearly a friend and mentor to them all. Tom Allen shared how John Master hired him, taking a chance on a young teacher, and how Dr. Master was influential in his life and in the lives of his family members. Dr. Toews was also hired by Dr. Master during the years he served as the head of the Bible Department. Dr. Williams shared that when he returned to the University as Provost in 2005, he had a good conversation with Dr. Master in which he gleaned insights and advice regarding the practical side of running the University. Dr. Williams took the advice to heart, and today the University continues to benefit from that conversation.
John Master RetiresDr. Master is remembered by many of his students from throughout the years with great fondness. He was a professor whose knowledge, intelligence, and wisdom were a gift to his students, shared freely and without looking down on them. His gracious spirit in the classroom and in his office or around campus after class invited students to ask questions about deep biblical truths without feeling that they were too simple or small. Students recall his difficult exams and the blue books they filled answering a single question, his humor, and his bow tie. He was always visible on campus, often eating lunch in the dining room with students and attending concerts and events.
Dr. John Master has served faithfully in his years at Cairn and has been instrumental in shaping the University, its programs, its students, and its graduates. As he stood to thank those who shared at the retirement reception, he returned the glory to God for the work. We look forward to what God will do in the coming years in Dr. Master’s life and thank Him for his years as a professor at Cairn.


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