Dr. Brenda Mellon Ebersole Appointed as Dean

Brenda EbersoleDr. Brenda Mellon Ebersole, professor of humanities, was appointed dean of the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Dr. Ebersole began serving as the interim dean in December 2014, taking on this important role in the middle of the academic year. Upon feedback from the President’s Cabinet, the Academic Leadership Team, and her school, Dr. Ebersole has surpassed all qualifications and demonstrated the requisite gifts and skills to serve as dean.
A graduate of Cairn University, Dr. Ebersole obtained her Master of Letters at Drew University. She returned to Cairn in 2005 to teach a variety of courses in the humanities, ranging from Contemporary Ethnic American Literature to a two-semester survey of Literature and Arts in the Western World.  She also teaches English composition. In 2014, she completed her PhD studies in English Literature at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland. Her dissertation examined the fiction of contemporary American author Barbara Kingsolver.
Her administrative and leadership skills are evident to those who have worked with her as colleagues. As dean, Dr. Ebersole will be a new member of the Academic Leadership Team, helping with the continued development of the University’s programs with innovative vision and biblical wisdom.


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