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What is Degree Completion and is it Right for Me?


The academic community usually refers to finishing an undergraduate degree in four years as “traditional undergrad.” However, the traditional route is not the best (or possible) for everyone.

Sometimes, it becomes difficult to finish a degree because of life circumstances. In fact, many people find themselves in this situation, forced to stop their studies before graduation. Fortunately, there is a program designed specifically for those who haven’t finished their degrees and would like to do so.

A degree completion program is designed to help students who already have some college credit and wish to finish their degree. Many of these programs are designed in accelerated formats so students can finish their degrees in a shorter amount of time.

Think this might be the program for you? Here are a few questions to ask yourself as you consider a degree completion program.


Do you already have college credits?

Earning a degree doesn’t look the same for everyone. Maybe you were in the middle of a program when you got tied up in family obligations. Or maybe you started, but then finances got in the way of finishing.

You are not alone in these unplanned life circumstances. It happens to many students, and that’s where a degree completion program comes in. Typically, these programs are a good fit for students who already have 1-2 years worth of college credits. Some programs will even give you credit for life experience.

Can you make the commitment?

Some degree completion programs offer online courses to manage alongside full-time jobs. However, anything that is worthwhile takes time. Remember to take into account the time you will spend in class and on the work that required outside of class. You will also want to consider the amount of time it takes to commute back and forth if you have classes on campus.

Pursuing a degree completion program might mean changing your hours at your current job or putting a hobby on hold while you finish your degree. This may be difficult or discouraging, but a short-term sacrifice can lead to a long-term gain.

Are you ready for what’s next?

A college degree can help you get to where you want to be. Want a promotion? A job change? In less than two years, you can earn a degree that could help open doors in the workplace and in life. If you are ready for a new challenge, finishing your bachelor’s degree may be your next step.

Do you need flexible scheduling?

You want to go back to school, but you can’t imagine how to fit it into your already packed schedule. One of the great things about degree completion programs is that—in many cases—they are designed for the adult learner. Between managing your family, work, and church ministries, finding time to complete your degree can be hard.

That’s why a degree completion schedule is more flexible than the traditional undergraduate program. At Cairn University, you only need to attend class on campus one day a week. While you still need to make your education a priority in your life, degree completion programs make it as easy as possible for you to go back to school and finally earn that degree.

For more information about Cairn University’s degree completion program, visit


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