International Arts Movement

Fujimura Institute

Culture Care Day

Wednesday, June 24 • 1pm-9pm

Join friends of the International Arts Movement and the Fujimura Institute for an evening of lectures and performances exploring Culture Care.

IAM founder Mako Fujimura (author, Culture Care) will host an afternoon discussion with Dr. Esther Meek (philosopher and Fujimura Institute Fellow) and Dr. Peter Candler (author and Fujimura Institute Fellow) and Marly Youmans (poet/author). The evening benefit concert will feature Danielson & The Nine-Fruit Tree, MAE, Andrew Nemr with Max Z, Ruth Naomi Floyd, Marly Youmans, Ron Witzke, and whitelotus.

Proceeds from the event will benefit International Arts Movement’s ongoing effort toward Culture Care.

Concurrently, Cairn University’s Connie A. Eastburn Gallery will host a three person exhibit of works by Makoto Fujimura, Ruth Naomi Floyd, and Ted Lyddon Hatten. The exhibit is curated by White Stone Gallery of Philadelphia and will be on display June 1 – August 31. The gallery is free to the public.


Epistemological Therapy for Artists and Other Lovers

Esther Lightcap Meek

Makoto Fujimura’s Culture Care is the vision and call to subvert modernist reductionism’s soul-killing impact on Western culture. But modernist reductionism is, at its root, a defective epistemology. Thus, culture care requires “epistemological therapy,” and epistemological therapy, in turn, strategically aids the mission of culture care.

Esther Lightcap Meek’s covenant epistemology offers this epistemological therapy. It shows—and helps to bring about—a shift from a knowledge-as-information mindset to a loving-in-order-to-know mindset. And since epistemological therapy obviously can’t be achieved by gathering information, Meek’s session at the Gathering will involve hands-on practice and conversation.

Artists are especially the victims of defective epistemology. A significant learning at the Gathering will be this: the artist’s creative act just is the ordinary, everyday, wonder-filled, self-transforming act of coming to know. Understanding how knowing works should involve, not a feeling of entering alien territory, but a sense of being healingly restored to yourself.

Esther Meek

Photo by Gini Fanter

Esther Lightcap Meek

Lecture: 1:30pm
Biblical Learning Center, Room 210

Pete Candler

Pete Candler

Lecture: 3:30pm
Biblical Learning Center, Room 210

Dante’s Books: Reading as an Act of Love

Pete Candler

In Canto V of the Inferno, Dante casts the story of the ill-fated lovers Francesca da Rimini and Paolo as a kind of negative retelling of Augustine’s famous conversion scene in a garden in Milan in Confessions VII. Dante shows how reading texts can go horribly wrong, but also how it can lead to a genuine reordering of the soul. The Divine Comedy as a whole is a text in which both the reader and the author are engaged in an act of mutual manuduction (Virgil leads Dante by the hand; Dante in turn leads the reader) towards a common goal. The theme of the Paolo and Francesca story is repeated in Canto V of Purgatorio and Canto V of Paradiso, through which Dante draws the reader to an understanding of love as a vow. The progression is illustrative of Dante’s understanding of love―and understanding―as an act of loving trust. Dante’s poem is therefore an itinerary of the soul’s return to God, which is intended to lead the reader along with its author toward a vision of beatitude and a transformation of love.

Schedule of Events

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

1:30 PM Esther Meeks lecture and Q&A
3:00 PM Coffee Break
3:30 PM Pete Candler lecture and Q&A
5:00 PM Break (view a map of local restaurants and attractions)
6:30-9:30 PM Concert

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