Help keep Cairn safe.

You can learn more about our plan to keep you safe and healthy during this upcoming academic year in our Cairn University 2020–21 Health & Safety Plan for Resuming In-Person Instruction. The full document addresses plans for:

  • the academic year and the return to campus for in-person instruction
  • instructional design and strategies
  • residential living & dining services
  • athletics, fine arts and social events
  • mitigation and containment of the virus
  • communication to students, faculty, staff, parents and alumni
  • sanitization of campus facilities, hygiene, and personal protective equipment (PPE)

Please review the document carefully. At any point during the semester, the state could implement new guidelines, dictating the need for Cairn to alter the semester schedule and related activities. We are prepared to change course and adapt as needed. Please be sure to sign up for text alerts, check your email, and refer back to this page regularly for the latest information.

12 Things You Need to Know as a Student at Cairn during COVID-19

  1. Wear a mask indoors when in public spaces, classes, hallways, offices, lines for food service.
  2. Practice social distancing even when not designated by signs.
  3. Practice personal hygiene with thorough washing of hands and covering coughs and sneezes.
  4. Proceed to a health screening station before class, meals and work to be evaluated and given a wristband.
  5. Permission to attend class, get meals, or work in Cairn facilities depends on the screening and wristband.
  6. Assess yourself before you leave home or a residence hall. Stay home if not well.
  7. Familial units will be designated in resident hall living spaces by rooms and suites.
  8. When one person in your familial unit is isolated there is a good chance the rest will be.
  9. Limit weekend travel. The more members of the community travel the greater the community risk.
  10. Professors are ready to deliver face to face instruction while including those needing virtual.
  11. Anticipate Cairn 2021 will be different, yet just as rewarding as you connect in community.
  12. Cairn is planning on and expecting to conduct in-person and on-campus classes all semester.

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