Chapel Speakers for Homecoming Week 2018

Every year, Cairn University invites alumni to speak in chapel during Homecoming week. Students, faculty, and staff look forward to this week of engaging with alumni and learning how God has worked in their lives since graduation. This year, the University welcomes President Todd J. Williams ’92, Cobie Langerak ’69, and Dr. Michael J. Svigel ’96 to share their experiences with the Cairn community.
Monday, September 24
Dr. Todd Williams headshotDr. Todd J. Williams is celebrating his 10th year as Cairn University president after previously serving as senior vice president and provost for the University. From 2001–2005, he served as headmaster and CEO of Trinity Christian School in Fairfax, VA. Aside from being a regular contributor to online and print publications, Dr. Williams also serves as a visiting lecturer and speaker on cultural and professional issues. During Homecoming week, Dr. Williams will present an engaging, pictorial tour of the University’s history and message.
Wednesday, September 26
Cobie Langerak headshotCobie Langerak currently serves as president of ACCELAcore, LLC., a consulting firm that specializes in executive coaching, leadership development, and governance. She is also a frequent speaker at international leadership conferences and has done work in over 65 countries. With 10 years of experience as a psychology professor, Langerak has published numerous articles, hosted her own call-in radio program, and been quoted in several global business publications.
Friday, September 28
Michael SvigelDr. Michael J. Svigel is the department chair and a professor of theological studies at Dallas Theological Seminary. Alongside teaching historical and systematic theology, Dr. Svigel is also engaged in teaching and writing for a broader Christian audience. The passion he has for Christ-centered theology and life informs the various books and articles that he has written on a variety of topics, ranging from text critical studies to juvenile fantasy. Dr. Svigel and his wife, Stephanie, have three children—Sophie, Lucas, and Nathan.
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