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Cairn’s Enrollment and Marketing Welcome New Leadership

Dave Urban,
Executive Director of Enrollment Management

Beginning July 1st, Cairn University’s enrollment and marketing will receive new leadership as the Cairn community welcomes David Urban and Paul Neal.
Co-founders of Charter Oak Research, David A. Urban and Paul T. Neal bring years of experience in education and market research to the Presidential Cabinet. After working with over 40 Christian nonprofits, K-12 schools, colleges, universities, and seminaries through Charter Oak, they now lend their expertise to furthering the mission of Cairn University.

As Executive Director of Enrollment Management, Dave Urban brings nearly 20 years of experience in enrollment and admissions, including 16 years as Vice President of Enrollment at Eastern University. He had led Charter Oak’s educational practice, serving as Chief Operating Officer. Prior to that, as Vice President of Client Services at Olson Research Group, Urban started the company’s educational and enrollment offerings, growing that practice to be the second largest vertical offering of the company within two years. He consults regularly in K-12 and higher education admissions, marketing, and development, and presents regularly on educational trends and best practices both in the U.S. and internationally.

Urban seeks to extend the reach of Cairn University by strengthening enrollment across all academic programs, including its traditional undergraduate, graduate, Degree Completion, and First Year Programs. Urban is excited to join the leadership at Cairn University: “I think it is a privilege to promote Christian education and to promote Christ here. Cairn is uniquely positioned to make great things happen for the Kingdom.”


Paul Neal, Vice President for Communications and Marketing
Paul Neal,
Vice President for Communications and Marketing

As Sr. Vice President for Communications and Marketing, Paul Neal brings leadership informed by thousands of projects and nearly 20 years in market research. As Chief Research Officer of Charter Oak, Neal specialized in sociological research, research markets, presenting and publishing normative data in analysis, respondent motives, and trends in education. Prior to founding Charter Oak, Neal was a Principal at Olson Research Group for 15 years and Associate Director of a research center at Temple University.
Now, Neal will lead the University’s Communications and Marketing team as they seek to continue to elevate the profile of Cairn University as a regional resource in service to Christ for students, families, alumni, and the community. Neal said he looks forward to supporting the great work that is taking place at Cairn: “The opportunity to join this team and be part of the Cairn community at this time is an incredible blessing for me and my family. I can’t wait to get busy on things that matter for eternity. Cairn’s mission is distinct and one that I’m excited to support.”


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