Cairn’s Eastburn Gallery Hosts Works of Artist Dale O. Roberts

Cathedral front encaustic form
(Prague) Message To The Proletariat, Encaustic 48 x 60

Dale O. Roberts’ paintings hang in prestigious galleries all over the United States as well as in Barcelona, Spain. Now, Cairn University is excited to exhibit works from this accomplished local artist on campus in the Connie A. Eastburn Gallery.
Red architecture painting
Arches on Arch #1, Gouache 9 x 10

Dale O. Roberts lives and works in Norristown, PA, though his childhood years growing up in Waterville, NY seem to inform his artistic focus on the natural world. This exhibit displays many of his paintings in encaustic form—a long-practiced method of painting that dates back to Roman civilization. By a thorough process of painting, heating, and scraping, Roberts’ encaustic paintings produce an intriguing texture and color unlike most other types of painting. His works depict landscapes and architecture that appear so familiar to the viewer at first glance, yet the complex medium draws out something mysterious from these usual places.
Blue shadow on white buildings
Moroccan Blue, Encaustic 42 x 36

Seeing the unique in the usual has become central to Roberts’ approach. “At its core, my work is an editing process referencing that which has been created,” Roberts explains. “My hope is to reveal something about a subject that a casual observer might overlook, something perhaps beautiful or even poignant.” The paintings have a way of drawing out from ordinary places that which often goes unseen. Through Roberts’ own artistic lens, the viewer better sees the beauty that is always truly there. 
The Dale O. Roberts exhibit will be on display through December 7, 2019. Gallery hours are Monday–Saturday from 8:30 am–4:30 pm. Most pieces included in this exhibition are available for purchase.
If you are interested in a tour for your church, school, or homeschool group, contact Matt Stemler at [email protected].


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