Cairn University School of Education wins accolades for ABA program offerings

In Fall 2017, Cairn University School of Education was ranked nationally among higher ed institutions for leading Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) program elements in undergraduate and graduate programs. Out of 200 schools surveyed by, Cairn is listed in the top 32 Best Masters in Education Programs with an ABA Emphasistop 57 Best Schools Offering ABA Bachelor’s and BCaBA Courses, and top 62 Best Schools with 100% Online ABA Masters and Certificate Programs. With its Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) and Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst (BCaBA) program offerings, Cairn was also recognized as the first Christian university program worldwide verified by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB) that integrates extensive autism training.
Applied Behavior Analysis has been used for decades as an effective, most research-supported approach to addressing educational needs and behavioral concerns stemming from causes such as mental health conditions, neurological disorders, and behavioral and substance addictions. Considered one of the most effective therapies for managing behavioral health and learning needs in children and adults, ABA is increasingly employed by practitioners in special education, psychology, and many other fields. Educators and behavior analysts can utilize the well-established application of ABA in classroom management, and in creating effective interventions and learning environments for students with and without special needs to enhance their academic, social, communication, behavioral, and life skills.
Cairn School of Education offers fully online master’s degree and graduate certificate programs in ABA as well as an Autism Spectrum Disorders endorsement program. According to Dr. Stephanie Chung, chair of the Special Education Department, “Cairn is proud of the three awards and the recognition from that endorse the distinctive caliber of our ABA programs. Cairn’s high-quality, biblically-based ABA programs equip our students to be educators and behavior analysts with expert knowledge of ABA that prepares them to pass the credentialing BCBA and BCaBA exams. We also incorporate a practical approach that emphasizes the real-life application and implementation of ABA principles. In addition, our ABA programs, along with our BACB-verified intensive practicum courses, are uniquely and intentionally designed with a high degree of flexibility to meet the diverse needs of busy students. This level of flexibility is not present in the large majority of other university ABA programs.”
With a vision to equip more Christians to serve individuals with autism and/or other disabilities and their families, Dr. Chung hopes to see not only an increasing presence of Christian professionals in the field of special education and ABA, but also growth in the number of Christian ministries arising in Christ’s name to reach out to the special population of individuals with disabilities. She adds, “It is deeply rewarding for an educator or behavior analyst to experience the transforming effects of ABA, such as a non-verbal child with autism being able to speak and develop his or her verbal repertoire for the first time, a child replacing self-injurious behavior with positive and meaningful behaviors, and a disruptive student becoming self-regulated and responsible. However, nothing is more rewarding than being able to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with these individuals and their families and witness the powerful work of God in their lives.”
Cairn School of Education undergraduate and graduate programs provide students with thorough preparation and credentials for teaching and practicing in public, private, Christian, and international schools, clinical settings, and Christian ministries. Cairn University teacher education students benefit from an approach committed to the highest degree of professional preparation, and the thorough integration of a biblical worldview. To learn more about Cairn and to apply, go to
Top 32 Best Master’s in Education Programs with an ABA Emphasis for Cairn’s MS in Special Education – ABA
Aba Emphasis Badge
Top 57 Best Schools Offering ABA Bachelor’s and BCaBA Courses for Cairn’s BCaBA VCS (Verified Course Sequence) for ABA assistants.
Aba Bachelors
62 Best Schools with 100% Online ABA Master’s and Certificate Programs for Cairn’s full suite of ABA graduate programs.
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