Cairn University Offers Scholarships and Tuition Discounts Through Scholarship America

Cairn University is an official collegiate partner with Scholarship America, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to make a college education possible through scholarships and educational support. Through this partnership, a Cairn University education will become even more affordable for eligible students.
Scholarship America client employees and their immediate family members can complete any Graduate or Degree Completion program at an 8% discounted tuition rate per credit. These families are also eligible for a $1,000 employer matching scholarship for undergraduate programs. Applicants must meet the University’s standard admissions requirements.
“We are pleased to welcome Cairn University as a collegiate partner,” said Mike Nylund, vice president, strategic partnerships and solutions at Scholarship America. “The generous 8% discounted tuition rate per credit, plus potentially matching scholarship dollars, will be a big help to students striving to earn their degrees with little or no debt.”
Scholarship America works directly with students, parents, colleges, businesses, and communities to help students fulfill their college dreams. From its beginning 60 years ago, Scholarship America has invested in student success, distributing over $4 billion to more than 2.4 million students.
To learn more about Cairn’s Scholarship America discount, visit


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