Cairn University Expands Admission Test Options

Cairn University has expanded its admission process to accept scores from the Classic Learning Test (CLT) in addition to current SAT and ACT options.  CLT exam scores will be accepted for Fall 2018 applications. Students applying with CLT scores will be eligible for financial aid, including merit scholarships.
The CLT is also becoming an increasingly popular option among homeschool students, allowing students with a more classical education to demonstrate their knowledge of those areas. Accepting CLT scores also broadens options for the growing number of foreign exchange students applying to Cairn, many of whom do not have options to take SAT or ACT tests in their home countries.
The CLT was founded in 2015 by a team of educators, standardized test professionals, and diverse business experts that sought to create a better way for students, families, and educators to display academic ability. According to the CLT website, “the CLT provides the most accurate and rigorous measure of academic formation, accomplishment, and potential” among standardized college entrance exams. The CLT seeks to provide a liberal-arts educational alternative to the dominant STEM-focused SAT and ACT tests, expanding the market in educational testing and promoting authentic curricular choice.
The application process is a critical step in the college search process for students and families. Paul Neal, sr vice president of marketing and enrollment, expressed that “Cairn is committed to supporting efforts and the approach of classical schools and homeschool families. Expanding our admissions process to accept CLT scores is another way to demonstrate that support.”
Cairn University seeks to help make the admissions process as simple as possible for prospective students, and the addition of the CLT will provide students more holistic options to highlight their right fit for Cairn University.
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