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Cairn School of Business Adds Seven New Programs for Fall 2018

Cairn University School of Business’ hard work over the past year has culminated in seven new programs set to begin in fall 2018. Healthcare management, marketing, and sports management are three majors that will be available for student enrollment.
Healthcare management is a program designed to equip students who are pursuing careers in leadership management and administration of public health systems, hospitals, and networks. Students who have a desire to care for those in need are best-suited for this degree. Spending time in business courses with the additional support of social work, psychology, and science classes will prepare them for leadership careers in all types of healthcare. 
Expanding on the pre-existing marketing minor, the School of Business has built a four-year marketing curriculum, training students in valuable skills such as communication, data analytics, and advertising. Multiple graphic design courses are also required for students and offered as electives to build the individual’s fields of expertise in popular business programs such as Adobe Photoshop or InDesign.
“Students who are creative or people-oriented should consider marketing,” said Evan Curry, dean of the school of business. “Business does not need to be only for those who love math and number-crunching. Jobs in advertising, sales, customer service, promotion, and product management await Cairn graduates.”
Students also have the option to major in sports management. Available as both a major and a minor, students who enroll in the sports management program will be able to study business in relation to sports and recreation.
Sports management is an integrated program that will equip students to be professionally prepared in sports-related careers. A required anatomy course will help graduates better communicate with athletic trainers and the health & physical education course Team Sports will teach sports management students the fundamentals of organizing games. The Outdoor Action first-year program and the 12 DIII athletic teams already offered by the University are other options that can add to a student’s experience.
Sports management is a versatile degree that can be used to work in big business sports such as the MLB or small business such as owning a sporting goods store. Cairn’s biggest distinctive  for this program is the degree. Students in the sports management program graduate with a BS in Business Administration rather than in sports management. This intentional decision was made with the graduate’s future in mind.
Evan Curry explained, “This degree does not limit graduates to sports and recreation jobs. They are equipped to work in business anywhere, giving them more options for employment.” Even if students do not pursue sports after graduation, they were able to study business from a perspective that appealed to their passions.
Keeping the character of most business school programs, students in both the marketing and sports management programs will be eligible for the five-year MBA program. The five-year program was also approved for the computer science program that began in Fall 2017.
The School of Business looks to continue to expand its opportunities for all varieties of business-minded students. With an education built on business principles and the University core of Bible and theology courses, students and their parents can be confident that they will graduate well-educated and prepared to enter the business world with a biblical worldview.
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