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Cairn Adds Five New Biology Programs for Fall 2018

Cairn University steps into a new field of study as it prepares to launch five biology programs come Fall 2018. Incoming freshmen will have the option to become the first graduates of one of the following programs: biology (BA), biology (BS), pre-med, and pre-physical therapy. An 18-credit biology minor is also available for any student.
Since Cairn is committed to offering a biblically based education in the sciences, the University will be offering scholarships to biology students matriculating in the 2018-19 and 2019-20 school years. Students can be awarded up to $4,000 each year if they remain eligible. 
All five program options are built on the foundation of the University core curriculum which includes 30 credits of Bible and theology courses. This biblical worldview is essential when studying science. Greg Jensen, professor in the School of Liberal Arts & Sciences, stated, “Intentional integration within science courses produces a more meaningful, biblically based education than simply taking science courses alongside of Bible courses.”
Students will study God’s Word alongside of His world through integrated coursework in classes such as chemistry, genetics, and bioethics. These courses will challenge students to think about the theological implications of their scientific study, giving more value to their education.
The biology (BA) program is for students who are looking to teach high school sciences. Examining the world with a biblical foundation, students enrolled in this program will develop the research skills needed for further study and teaching. In order to teach, students will need a Master’s degree in education, which they can receive at Cairn.
The biology (BS) program prepares students for careers in scientific research and graduate school. The rigorous curriculum included in the BS program develops the students’ research skills and provides them with hands-on lab experiences.
Earning a BS degree, students may also choose to specialize in either pre-med or pre-physical therapy. Both of these pre-professional programs prepare students for medical school or a Doctorate in Physical Therapy program.
The University has trained students for over 100 years to be well-educated, biblically minded, professionally competent men and women of character. Students of these new programs will be no different. By launching new programs in the health sciences, Cairn is continually moving forward with its mission to serve Christ in the church, society, and the world.
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