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Cairn Hosts 2nd Annual Alumni Pastors’ Luncheon

Alumni-Pastors-Luncheon-Treadwell-2015On Tuesday, September 15, Cairn alumni pastors returned to campus for the 2nd Annual Alumni Pastors’ Luncheon. Alumni pastors from the local area gathered to enjoy lunch and fellowship, as well as to hear updates on the University from President Todd Williams and listen to an encouraging message from alumnus Keith Treadwell ’02.
During the main event, Pastor Keith Treadwell provided some “shepherding for the shepherds.” With a vast knowledge of the basic pitfalls for ministers, Keith humbly shared some valuable reminders for his brothers in ministry—to balance ministry and family, preserve time with one’s spouse, study in the Word as true communion with God the Father, and lastly, to enjoy ministry.

Pictured: Jeremy Moore ’99, Mike Mrazik ’97, John Stange ’98
Pictured: Jeremy Moore ’99, Mike Mrazik ’97, John Stange ’98

The fellowship among the pastors was also warm and electric, and the event provided an opportunity for pastors to spend time with old friends. Pastor Jeremy Moore (South Ridge Community Church in Clinton, New Jersey) said, “The event gave a glimpse of the breadth of spiritual impact that Cairn grads are having in and through the local church. It was also great to pause and catch up with old friends.”
Also noting the value of fellowship,  Alumni Council President and Pastor Tim Bouffard ’89 (Mount Aetna Bible in Mount Aetna, PA) said, “It is always encouraging to fellowship with other pastors—men with whom I share not only a common educational and training experience, but also those who are just like me—serving, struggling, and seeking to glorify God in their lives.”
A Philadelphia church planter, Pastor Alonzo Johnson (Northeast Bible Fellowship) ’01 also commented, “I had an awesome time of fellowship at the event and was very encouraged. I will be praying with and for my Cairn family.”
It is a privilege for the Office of Alumni Relations to host these pastors and support them, and Alumni Director Nate Wambold provided several ways that the pastors can support the University by pointing potential students to Cairn and connecting with the University in many diverse ways.
The alumni pastors will return to Cairn University again next fall. If you know of a pastor in full- or part-time ministry who is a graduate of Cairn, invite them to attend the event and contact the Office of Alumni Relations for more information at [email protected].


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