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Cairn Enactus Advances to Nationals!

From left to right: Kelsey Bonner, Shelby Hoffman, and Matt McDevitt, vice president
From left to right: Kelsey Bonner, Shelby Hoffman, and Matt McDevitt

From March 28–29, the Cairn University Enactus team traveled to Washington, D.C., where they were named regional champions at the 2016 Enactus Regional Competition. They were one of 12 teams that advanced among the 42 teams from schools in the Mid-Atlantic region.
Freshmen Julian and Tiegra
Freshmen Julian Collazo and Tieagra McNeil

The presentation team members included Kelsey Bonner, president; Matt McDevitt, vice president; Shelby Hoffman, competition manager; Roosevelt Nguyen, director of media; Nick Castillo; Tieagra McNeil; Julian Collazo; and Alex Crawford. They were accompanied by Mary Boyer, vice president of human resources at Cairn and one of Cairn Enactus’ business advisory board members.
On Monday, March 28, the team spent time in Washington, D.C., visiting the National Zoo in the afternoon and touring the monuments in the evening. On the following day, the team spent most of their time preparing and presenting at the competition. Their presentation included their annual report, which was judged on entrepreneurial spirit, impact on community, and statistical evidence of such impact.
In Cairn Enactus’ 2015–2016 Annual Report, projects were showcased and categorized by scope of impact: on campus, in the community, and across the world. With 45 members, 7 projects, 2,250 project hours, and the help of their advisor, Professor and Sam Walton Fellow Mark Gaspar, Cairn Enactus was able to directly impact 2,100 people through various projects, including:

  • RIDE (Two-day seminar on the fundamentals of a professional job search)
  • RIDE-on-the-Road (Seminars for the unemployed in Kensington, Philadelphia)
  • Hungry Highlander (Cairn student snack bar)
  • Can-O-Treating
  • Good Stuff Thrift
  • Business consulting services for Habitat for Humanity and Grounds for Restoration, an organization seeking to support anti-human trafficking programs in Cambodia
  • Showcase for Hope (Event raising awareness of struggles faced by entrepreneurs in low-income countries.

The regional competition also hosted a career fair and a student and business professional luncheon.
Cairn Enactus will move on to compete at the 2016 Enactus National Exposition in St. Louis this May. Congratulations, Cairn Enactus!


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