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Cairn 10 hits the road this month to introduce you to an alum with 100 years of life experience.
Wilbert GoughIn the picturesque coastal town of York, Maine, resides one of Cairn’s oldest alumni, Rev. Wilbert Gough ’47. Far from slowing down, Wilbert makes regular rounds at his retirement community sharing versions of his sermons which he delivered over a life of pastoral ministry spanning seventy years. His wife, Florence (Arthur) ’43, partnered with him in this work until very recently when she passed away.
Listen to the Cairn 10 podcast featuring Wilbert, and you will hear him recall memories of his University experience that mirror the experiences of today’s Cairn students: a great education, a biblical foundation and worldview, deep relationships with wonderful professors, and a profound gratitude for the work of Christ in the life of the believer.
You can stream the podcast below, download and listen to it later, or subscribe to Cairn 10 on iTunes, Google Play, or your favorite podcatcher so you never miss an episode and can enjoy the show wherever you go!
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