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The alumni office taps into the resource of The Regency Foundation to bring you a primer on will production, plus an opportunity for discounted services for our grads!
June is probably not the month people normally think of wills, but if you have not gotten a will, there is not better time to start. But many people struggle with knowing where to start, or think it may be too expensive and time consuming.  
Knowing that many alumni may have similar roadblocks, and having committed to providing support and resources for our grads as they tackle financial and planning issues, we’ve recorded a podcast to get the dialogue going. This episode explains how to get started, but also, how to get 20 percent off producing a will if you are a graduate living in Pennsylvania or New Jersey.  (We will continue to search out similar resources for our grads in all locations!)
This is all part of our ongoing process to provide support in these critical areas for our graduates.
If there are other ways we can support you in matters of budgeting and financial planning, do not hesitate to contact me and let us know how we can help!
You can stream the podcast below, download and listen to it later, or subscribe to Cairn 10 on iTunes, Google Play, or your favorite podcatcher so you never miss an episode and can enjoy the show wherever you go!
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