Cairn 10: Reconnecting (with Shaina Sollenberger)

Cairn 10 Shaina Sollenberger
Student Shaina Sollenberger just may be Cairn’s youngest and most articulate spokesperson. She was drawn to Cairn because of the profound sense of community she witnessed in the midst of a beautiful campus.
Unsurprisingly, Shaina has a deep appreciation for those who give to Cairn, because she is the direct beneficiary. Without them, she says, “I wouldn’t be able to come here.”
As a (re)Connect caller, Shaina contacts alumni and friends of Cairn. Sometimes she calls to invite them to events, sometimes to see if they are receiving updates and emails, sometimes to ask them to give, sometimes simply to thank them for giving.
Of this job, Shaina says, “It’s my favorite part of the week.” The community that exists among her fellow (re)Connect callers is just a smaller reflection of the campus community that drew her to Cairn.
Matching Gift WeekSo, when your phone rings tonight and the caller ID reads this University’s name — pick up. It may be Shaina or one of our other callers looking for more alumni and friends to give during Matching Gift Week so that, in Shaina’s words, “they can invest in students who are going to go out and touch lives for Christ, and who are the future of the church.”
First, listen to the latest Cairn 10 podcast to hear Shaina tell you this in her own words.
And visit our (re)Connect page to see bios on all our callers.
Matching Gift Week ends on Friday, so make your gift today!
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