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Buddy Greene Visits Cairn to Collaborate with Senior Music Major

Buddy Greene, award-winning singer/songwriter and co-author of the Christmas classic “Mary, Did You Know?”, will visit Cairn University April 22–23 to collaborate on the senior project of Cairn Music (BA) major Moses DeHart, and present a workshop for Cairn students.
The concert project, “Unearthing the Roots of American Music,” will be an afternoon of music with Cairn University senior and banjo player Moses DeHart joined by acclaimed musician, Buddy Greene. Buddy has been a mentor to Moses for many years, influencing his interest and growth as a musician and Christian thinker. This project collaboration is an outcome of the investment that Buddy has made in the life of Moses as they share the gospel through music.
“What brings me the most joy in my music career is to meet and make music with  so many wonderfully talented people along the way,” says Greene. “A lot of people I’ve worked with over the years are not well-known—just hard-working studio musicians. But you realize they have special talents and wonderful personalities. I appreciate what they do, and to be able to know them and make music with them has been a huge privilege.”
DeHart will also be joined by John Bullard, award-winning classical banjoist and recording artist.
Join us on a journey through the classical and folk traditions that have made American music the rich and diverse form that it is today. Reserve your FREE tickets today by visiting (suggested donation: $10).


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