Kendra ’19 and Tori Stum ’21

It’s common among women’s athletic teams to call a teammate a “sister.” However, this sister bond is a reality for two of Cairn’s basketball powerhouses. Kendra and Tori, only two years apart, [...]

Brandon Plummer ’20

Brandon Plummer ’20 grew up as a “back-to-school shoes” kid, getting one new pair of sneakers each year. He didn’t give too much thought to what he put on his feet each morning until his [...]

Henry Pranato ’06

After growing up in Indonesia, Henry Pranato ’06 came to the USA to study music at Cairn. He graduated with a BMus and BS in Bible in 2006 under the tutelage of notable professors like Dr. Hsu, [...]

Josh Melchior ’22

  Hometown: Barto, PA High School: Valley Forge Baptist Academy Major: Biology (Pre-Med) Josh Melchior ’22 loved to play baseball, and he had always done so from the infield. But the summer [...]

Carli Glen ’19

Like many Cairn social work majors, Carli Glen ’19 actively sought internship opportunities in Philadelphia over the course of her education. During her junior year, Carli found a placement at [...]

Dr. Juliet Campbell-Farrell

  Dr. Juliet Campbell-Farrell began teaching at Cairn in 2000. With two master’s degrees and a PhD in social work and social research, Dr. Campbell-Farrell utilizes her extensive knowledge [...]