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Announcing the Cairn Community Arts Academy

It is with great excitement, Cairn announces that the Hilltown Creative Arts Academy has now become Cairn Community Arts Academy. Since the Academy’s establishment in September 2007, God has blessed this ministry, evidenced by its growth to over 400 registrations for the 2012-2013 academic year. Cairn acquired the Arts Academy in order to continue its growth in excellence and to offer the community a Christian arts academy at both the Hilltown and Langhorne locations.
Cairn University has enjoyed a long tradition of excellence in the musical arts and, over the past decade, has an increasing fine arts presence on campus. Since 2007, the Arts Initiative has maintained a curated integrated fine arts gallery, bringing the arts to a place of prominence in each building on campus. Within the past year, this initiative has led to the development of a one-year Arts and Culture program and fine arts electives available to all Cairn undergraduate students. Through these efforts, Cairn strives to reach the next generation of Christians with the biblical conviction that human beings create art because they are made in the image and likeness of a “creative” Creator God. As outworkings of this image, both creative expression and art appreciation are testimonies to that truth and acts of worship. This shared commitment to the place of art in a biblical worldview makes Cairn and Hilltown fitting partners.  As program directors lead this transition, our hope and prayer is that the process is smooth and God-honoring. We also pray that CCAA students and faculty will see Cairn as an energetic and committed partner—one who will work hard to build on the foundation of good work which has brought the Academy to this point.
Cairn Community Arts Academy will operate from two campuses, located in Hilltown and Langhorne. Programs are being offered in music, theatre, and fine art. Dr. Benjamin Harding will serve as the new Director, with Kari Morris serving as the Hilltown Campus Director.
Visit CCAA’s new website.


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