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Alumni in the Mission Field Reconnect and Fellowship

During Cairn’s annual Global Mission Week (GMW), alumni gathered for lunch.  What always includes a time of updates on the University, fellowship, and networking almost always grows into something more.  There is something very unique about the way that Cairn’s alumni interact, and this year was no exception.
Judy Severns ’71, adjunct professor at Cairn and SEND International/TCK Education Coordinator, was delighted to reconnect two former students, Jenn Lindemuth ’09 and Julie Martin ’14, both of whom are involved with overseas education.
Regarding this reunion, Judy said, “Since 2007, the School of Education has sent 76 student teachers to 57 International schools in 42 countries throughout the world.  Most return saying they learned so much and loved the experience of being in a different culture.  Some return to be staff members in the very schools where they taught as student-teachers.  That brings much joy and satisfaction to all of us who have had input into the lives of these students.”
Another alum in attendance, Ross Weidman ’67,  “confessed”  that he have not been on Cairn’s campus in over 30 years, “but even though this is only the second time that I’ve met Dr. Williams, I was struck again that even though the name of the University has changed, the culture of a biblical university is still strongly here.”
Alumni in missions are encouraged to contact the alumni office with any questions or suggestions on how Cairn might more effectively serve its alumni in missions.
Any missions organization interested in being a part of GMW as a representative should contact Dottie Ellenberg at [email protected].


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