Alumni Gather for Networking Night

“Alumni at Cairn are different.  Put them in a room for networking, and they don’t just trade business cards or look for what they can ‘get’ from each other.  Instead, they genuinely seek to build relationships and speak into each others’ lives, letting one another know, ‘You are not alone in your struggles.’”
alumni-networking-nightAfter this statement from President Todd J. Williams ’94 and a welcome from Director of Alumni Relations Nate Wambold ’99, Cairn’s Alumni Networking Night continued: an hour of chatting, connecting, and enjoying refreshments together. Dr. Williams’ words set the tone for an evening that centered more on relationship-building conversation than simply exchanging business cards. Attendees introduced themselves with clarity, grace, and wit. Serving in the fields of counseling, stock trading, investments, pharmaceuticals, education, various trades, youth ministry, and more, alumni from diverse backgrounds had opportunities to build meaningful connections sure to be helpful moving forward.

The hallmark of the evening was the unique way that Cairn alumni interact: authentically investing in genuine relationships based on a shared biblical foundation.  As one alumnus put it: “You know, you can get discouraged out there with all the hard work and challenges of life, but you come to something like this and connect with this University and its alumni, and you realize, ‘I am not alone.’”
During the evening, alumni also received information on Cairn’s Career Center’s services; alumni initiatives; examples of successful professional networking; and the new undergraduate programs in criminal justice, computer science, information systems, and graphic design, slated to launch in fall 2017. David Shaffer ’13, the University’s graduate recruiter, talked about new online master’s programs at Cairn.
alumni-networking-night-2The alumni office intends to continue offering network opportunities, even exploring virtual possibilities to engage alumni around the country and the globe through meaningful relationship-building opportunities.

In the meantime, check out the Career Center’s services, and upload your professional profile into the system to be discovered by other alumni.  If you have questions about career services, contact Career Center Director Teri Catanio at [email protected].


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