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Advancement: The Lasting Benefits of Planned Giving

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Keith Johnson with students

Planned Giving Officer Keith Johnson has a conversation with three Cairn students who have benefitted from our donors’ generous support through the Cairn Fund. Hear Angela, Rayhan, and Annie share about the ministries that God is calling them to, and learn how a charitable gift can make not only a lifelong impact, but an eternal one through the work of our students.

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Show Transcript:

Hi, my name is Keith Johnson, your Planned Giving Officer at Cairn University and also The Executive Director of The Regency Foundation.  Welcome to our wealth planning podcast series.  My hope is through this series we will provide some practical ideas on how to establish Godly wealth management habits into your life and discover some creative financial planning strategies based on principles from God’s Word that can benefit you and your family.
Throughout this series we have focused on 13 wealth management issues that most of us will face in our lifetime and charitable giving can help you manage through them.  As a reminder, most of these financial issues can result in significant tax consequences.  One of the most significant tax savings tool that Congress allowed to remain is Charitable Giving.  Contributions to a charity such as Cairn University is by far the best way to reduce or even avoid paying taxes.
Selecting the right charitable giving technique, however, is really important.  Hopefully, through this series are learning some good ideas that will help you in your charitable giving plan. After all, wouldn’t you rather determine where your money goes rather than giving it to the US Government to spend?
Today, I have a special treat for you.  Sitting with me are three Cairn University students.  I have invited them here to share with you how the gifts that that you give to Cairn are actually used.  I want you to hear from them how your gifts to the University impact their life.
Let me first introduce each student and let them tell you a little about themselves.
I have with me today: Andrea (Annie) Vincent, Rayhan Owens, and Angela Kamau
I should tell you that all of these students are serious about having a Biblical education.  I should also tell you that each of these students have received either a scholarship or a grant that helps to enable them to be a student at Cairn.
Let me ask each of you students:

  1. If you were sitting down with our listeners one on one, and you knew that they had donated funds to this University that helps to provide your scholarship or grant, what would you want to say to them?
  2. One of the most important thing our donors want to know is, how is the grant or scholarship you received going to help after you graduate from Cairn University. In other words, what long term or even eternal value will be generated because of their generosity?
  3. How do you think your time here at Cairn University has touched your life?

I really appreciate what each of you have shared today.  Thanks for taking your time out of your busy schedules to speak to our alumni and friends.
There are a couple of reminders for our listening audience –
You should have received a letter recently from our President, Dr. Todd Williams where he discussed the Cairn Fund and how it helps each of these students.  He also spoke about our effort to bring more international students like Angela to receive their education here at Cairn. Please do what you can to help our students.  Over 90% of our student body receives assistance through scholarships and grants.
Also remember that Giving Tuesday is coming up on November 27th.  This is a nationwide giving opportunity for a charities in our country.  Our prayer is that you will remember Cairn University on that day as well.
I want our listening audience to know how grateful we are for the gifts you give to the University.  I also appreciate the planned giving that so many of you do.  Whether you plan to remember Cairn University in your Will or create some other planned gift, we thank you.
Also, let me remind you that we recently created The Pathway Society to honor those who seek to make a planned gift to the University.  If you have already remembered us in your estate, have purchased a charitable gift annuity through Cairn University or the Regency Foundation, you automatically qualify to be become a member.
At Cairn University and The Regency Foundation we want to be a valuable resource of information and ideas you can use in a practical way. To that end, we are offering one hour of financial planning consultation at no charge to you.  If would like to take advantage of that benefit or if you have any questions, feel free to contact me by email at [email protected].
Thank you for your generosity and I look forward to sharing next month’s Advancement podcast.


Advancement PodcastAdvancement is a  podcast from the Office of Advancement. Planned Giving Officer Keith Johnson helps listeners understand financial principles, and establish practical and godly wealth management habits.


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