In order to receive financial aid, a student must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  1. Enrollment as a regular (matriculating) student in a degree program.
  2. Maintenance of satisfactory academic progress as defined below. Note: satisfactory progress standards for receipt of financial aid may differ from minimum University standards for continued enrollment.
  3. For Federal Title IV aid programs, student recipients must be U.S.citizens or eligible non-citizens, and certify that funds will be used only for educational expenses.
  4. Student recipients of Federal Title IV aid must certify that they are not in default on any Federal student loan and do not owe money on a federal student grant.
  5. Meet all other specific requirements of the program providing the aid.

Satisfactory Academic Progress

Students must meet both quantitative and qualitative standards in order to remain eligible for aid. The University evaluates student academic records annually following the end of spring semester. Standards differ for undergraduate and graduate students.

Students who lose eligibility for aid under this policy will have eligibility reinstated following the semester in which they resume making satisfactory progress. Students who wish to appeal the loss of aid eligibility may do so by contacting the Director of Financial Aid. In cases where unusual extenuating circumstances exist, eligibility may be reinstated.

Quantitative Academic Progress

Full-time students must complete a minimum of 12 credit hours per award year. Half- time students must complete a minimum of six credit hours per award year.

Qualitative Academic Progress

The established cumulative GPA standards for graduate students at Cairn University are as follows:

  • Educational Leadership and Administration; Christian Counseling Program – 3.00
  • All other programs – 2.50

Maximum Time Frame

The maximum time frame for which a student may be eligible for Federal Title IV aid is 150% of the normal time for degree completion, measured in the number of credit hours attempted. Transfer hours are included in calculation of total hours completed and used in determining an individual’s maximum time frame.

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