Online MS in Education

Centered on a biblical worldview, the online MS in Education program is designed for Christian educators who want to be more effective in the classroom, with courses offered in curriculum design, teaching models, current trends, and theoretical and philosophical foundations of education. Courses focusing on special education, diverse learners, and non-native English speakers help teachers reach the many, varied student populations in their classrooms. An Instructional Design Project provides a practical capstone to the program.

This 39-credit program is designed to be completed in two years if two courses are taken each semester. Online courses range in length from 7 weeks to 14 weeks.

Program Strengths

  • This program offers online coursework leading to a master’s degree, providing national and international students with opportunities for further study in a setting where biblical worldview integration is both modeled and taught.
  • At the discretion of the program advisor, three to six credits for prior learning (“CPL”) can be awarded for students with extensive background in areas addressed by specific courses.
  • Advance standing may be granted for Bible or theology credits earned at an accredited Bible college, Christian liberal arts college or university, or seminary. Credits will be granted on a course by course basis.
  • Educators working in Christian schools will receive a 50% tuition discount.


To enter the program, the candidate will:

To complete the program, the candidate will:

  • Successfully complete all required coursework with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0
  • Develop, present, evaluate the effectiveness of an Instructional Design Project, a capstone project similar in scope to a master’s thesis

Program Curriculum

Semester 39 TOTAL CREDITS:
21 Core Credits + 12 Elective Credits + 6 Bible/theology Credits
Fall #1

EDU 703 Teaching Models and Instructional Strategies
EDU 716 Global Trends in Education

Spring #1

EDU 712 Curriculum Theory, Design and Assessment
EDU/EDL/SPE/TSL elective

Summer #1

EDU 717 Theoretical & Philosophical Foundations
SPE xxx Special Education elective*
THE 601 Overview of Christian Theology

Fall #2

EDU 713 Educational Research
EDU/EDL/SPE/TSL elective

Spring #2

BIB 621 Biblical Integration for Educators
EDU 791 Instructional Design Project

Summer #2

EDU/EDL/SPE/TSL elective
EDU/EDL/SPE/TSL elective

The courses listed reflect a suggested sequence of classes to complete the program in two years. Should the student have advanced standing for Bible/theology or wish to take classes at a slower pace, certain courses are offered multiple times a year, while other courses may be offered fall or spring only. Please consult with your academic advisor or check the course roster on the Registrar’s office page.

*For students with no educational background in Special Education, we recommend SPE 661 Foundations of Special Education. For students who have an equivalent undergraduate course, we recommend SPE 761 Inclusionary Practices. There are also other SPE electives that can be used to fulfill this requirement.

For more information about the online Master of Science in Education degree program, contact Luke Gibson, Admissions Counselor, at

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