Cairn’s MS in Education integrates biblical thinking into every subject area of study, including the study of education itself.

Students without a teaching certificate can take courses leading to certification in both public schools and Christian schools. Students can also choose to specialize in an area within the field of education. Interaction with other educators in the classroom helps students as they examine the impact of what they are learning on their current or future classroom. The MS in Education degree program can be tailored to meet a student’s individual needs and educational background.

International campuses offer students teaching overseas or interested in international education a unique opportunity to interact with teachers from around the globe.

Our new online program makes Cairn’s MS in Education more accessible than ever before. Learn more.

“Prior to coming to Cairn, I knew that the Bible should affect my teaching but I did not know how. At Cairn, I learned that I could impact students holistically, even without speaking directly about the Bible. Since beginning my study at Cairn, I’ve always kept one question in mind as I make my lesson plans: how can students realize the greatness of God and build a biblical worldview through these scientific facts I’m teaching?”

Chieko I. ’10
MS in Education

The Cairn MSEd at a glance:

  • 39 credits
  • Complete in 2 years full-time
  • Variety of scheduling options
  • Option to pursue both Master’s degree and certification (public and private schools) concurrently
  • Specialization available in various educational fields
  • Program offered in Langhorne, PA and Kandern, Germany
  • Students who have previously taken Bible/theology courses from an accredited university, seminary or college may qualify for up to 6 credits of advance standing

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