Cairn’s Master of Theology degree (ThM) is for the student who desires advanced study beyond what the Master of Divinity (MDiv) degree offers.

Built upon the strong foundation of the MDiv degree, the ThM provides students 24 credits of intensive study in Bible and theology in small seminar courses. The Master of Theology is designed to provide qualified students with a more extensive preparation for teaching and preaching ministries or further post-graduate study.

The program’s additional 24 credit hours beyond the MDiv can be completed in one full-time year of study. Students already holding an MDiv or its appropriate equivalent from an accredited institution may be considered for admission into the final year of Cairn’s ThM program.

  • Study in small seminar settings, benefitting from interaction with faculty and peers.
  • Work closely with School of Divinity faculty in one-on-one and small group settings.
  • Complete a capstone thesis project, consisting of original research in a field approved by the faculty and overseen by an appropriate advisor from the faculty.

The Cairn ThM at a glance:

  • MDiv + 24 credits (114 total)
  • Complete 24 credit program in 1 year, full-time
  • Intensive study in Bible and theology in small seminar courses
  • Capstone thesis project overseen by an advisor

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