With courses offered both online and on-campus, Cairn’s Master of Arts (Religion) program is a flexible program designed for students with a wide range of ministry and professional goals.

Students receive a broad foundational education in the inerrant Word of God and the key doctrines of the Christian faith, plus innovative courses designed to prepare you for teaching, preaching, and other ministries in the local church.

Program Highlights:

  • Build a foundational knowledge of the inerrant Word of God and the history and doctrines of the Christian church.
  • Develop the skills to examine the biblical text and theology in relationship with the realities of everyday life and ministry.
  • Gain the tools to study Scripture for yourself as a lifelong learner.
  • Study under faculty who are experienced scholars, educators, and ministers that invest in the lives of their students both inside and out of the classroom.
  • Courses offered in Langhorne on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, as well as online. Choose on a course-by-course basis.

“As a university with a large undergraduate base, Cairn has more professors than a traditional seminary. These professors have a wide range of specialties and interests, and I took advantage of several opportunities to do independent studies beyond the curriculum in specialized areas.”

Benjamin G.

The Cairn MAR at a glance:

  • 42 credits
  • Complete in 2 years full-time
  • Courses offered in online and hybrid formats providing a variety of scheduling options
  • Studies in biblical, historical, and systematic theology
  • Students who have previously taken Bible courses from an accredited university or college may be eligible for up to 12 credits of advance standing

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