A Day in the Life of an Adult Learner in College

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Looking to go back to school? So was Rosetta Davis, an adult learner majoring in education at Cairn. It hasn’t been easy balancing school with life obligations, but Rosetta knows that an education is the way to her dream job. Read more about her interests in urban education, her advice to freshmen, and her classes at Cairn.
Name: Rosetta Davis
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Major: Education (Middle Level Math and Language Arts)
Interests & Activities: Writing, reading, listening to music, mentoring and encouraging others, dancing, playing board/card games, exercising, and watching movies
Long-Term Plans: Teach in the city of Philadelphia at a school that allows me to incorporate my innovative ideas into the curriculum. Since I also have an interest in the field of social work, I would like combine the professions and come up with educational and social support resources for inner city youth. I want to write curriculum for middle school and high school students that focuses on character development for both for the secular and Christian communities.
Advice for Freshmen: Connect with professors and advisor early in the semester; set up a time to spend with God; consider how you can encourage someone; get to know and connect with people that are NOT like you; set realistic goals and healthy boundaries for yourself; find an accountability and prayer partner; don’t be afraid to ask for extensions or use accommodations or the learning lab; know your limits (some things may be too much and that’s OK); get involved; be open to various styles of worship music, preaching, and praise during chapel; form discipleship, prayer, support, and academic study groups; take advantage of the counseling center.
Final ThoughtsI really like my courses at Cairn, as well as my professors. God knew exactly which classes to put me in and which professors to assign me to. In my short time at Cairn, I have learned that each of my courses poses challenges. However, those challenges are exactly what I need, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
Interested in Cairn’s education programs? Check out their webpage.
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