Wesley WadaAdjunct Professor

    Adjunct Faculty, School of Business

    • MDiv, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (Candidate)
    • MA (Biblical Studies), Dallas Theological Seminary
    • JD, Loyola Marymount University
    • BS in Business Administration, University of Southern California

    Professor Wesley teaches graduate level business courses such as Business Economics and Metrics, and Compensation Principles and Strategies.

    He recently retired as Kimberly-Clark Corporation’s vice president of global compensation & benefits. During his 10-year career at Kimberly-Clark, he completed major redesign of Kimberly-Clark’s
    executive compensation program, global redesign of company’s salary and bonus structure, redesigned major retirement plans, and designed. He reduced compensation and benefit expenses by $250 million and liabilities by $400 million in five year period.

    He also worked as the vice president of compensation and benefits for 7-Eleven and FedEx Office and the director of global compensation for Atlantic Richfield (ARCO). Wesley has extensive international experience and a background in finance and law.

    Contact Information

    Academic Specialties & Interests:
    U.S. and international compensation and benefit plans (executive & non-executive)

    Traveling and Skiing

    Teaching at Cairn since 2016

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