7 Ways to Make Your College Experience Count

Going to college has become a rite of passage for many young adults. It’s an exciting time of exploration and challenge.
Maybe going to college means a fresh start—leaving your home and no longer living under your parents’ roof. Maybe it’s the independence you’ve been waiting for. Whatever going to college means to you, it’s a pivotal time in your life. In order to make the most of it, here are seven ways to make your college experience count:

7_ways1Live on campus

Living on a college campus is unlike any other experience. No other time in your life will you be surrounded by people who are the same age and in the same life situation for an extended period of time.
Living on campus is fun, but it also helps to create community. Going to class with your peers is great, but often deeper community happens outside of the classroom. The friends you meet in college might be life-long friends, and it’s the shared living experience that helps make those bonds so strong. If you’re considering commuting, try living on campus for at least one semester!

Take interesting electives

College is a time to explore your interests and dig deeper into subjects you find fascinating. Regardless of your major or your intended career, try taking a class that you find interesting. It may be just the break you need from all of your major-related courses. You may even discover newfound passions that help you figure out the rest of your college decisions.

Know your professors

Your professors are the ones who will lecture and give you exams, but they are so much more than that! Professors can serve as a great resource and even as mentors. Find a professor who teaches in your desired field, and utilize her experience and expertise. So many of them are excited to help their students succeed.

Get involved

College campuses are full of things to do-—from clubs and organizations to weekend events and concerts. So whether you join a club, attend a dance, or go cheer on your school’s sports teams, find a way to get involved. Getting involved on campus will help you meet more people, discover new interests, and give you a break from your workload.

Find an internship or job

Look for opportunities to prepare yourself for the future. Most schools offer programs to help students get matched up with internship opportunities. Work experience will not only help you when you apply for jobs, but it will also help you figure out what you want to do.
Not exactly sure what you want to do? It’s OK; most college students don’t. An internship can help you figure out your passions and hone your professional skills.


Whether it’s a mission trip over spring break, studying abroad, or going home with your roommate, visit new places! Take advantage of the time off and plan an experience. Traveling will give you a new perspective and can help you understand others and yourself better. It’s also a great way to make life-long memories!

Get plugged into a church or ministry

One of the biggest struggles of leaving home is finding a new church. Many students are comfortable with the church they attended at home and finding a new one can be daunting. The same goes for ministry opportunities. But getting plugged into a new church or ministry can be a great opportunity to engage in a Christian community, serve others, and grow as a believer.
So if you’re a high school student anticipating your college years, don’t let those four years slip away. Take advantage of these great opportunities that are unique to the college experience!
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