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3 Reasons Why You Should Work in College

Between staying on top of your classes and hanging out with friends, it can be tough to find time to work. While your academics should be at the top of your priorities, working for a few hours a week can be extremely beneficial. Here are three reasons why you should consider working in college:


1. Minimize college costs

During your first semester, you’ll realize how quickly you can burn through cash. While there are many free activities on campus, there are also plenty of opportunities to spend money, whether it’s going to the movies, buying new clothes, trying out new restaurants, or getting Starbucks during study sessions.

All of those small expenses tend to add up, and if you’re not careful, you’ll find yourself in a financial bind. Working a part-time job can help offset the costs and provide some pocket change. And you can feel confident in knowing that you are earning your own money.

If you’re taking out loans, you can also work during college in order to minimize your debt. “In college, I worked part time at Best Buy,” shares Dae, an alumnus from the University of Maryland. “I was able to graduate debt-free and bought a house. I was also able to go to grad school without my undergraduate loans holding me back.”

2. Gain valuable skills and experience

While some students work in any job they can get their hands on, others find opportunities in their related fields. Find a job related to your area of study. This can be an effective way to utilize the new knowledge and skills you’re learning, and it always looks great on a resumé.

Do two things at once: Make money and gain professional skills. Working in college not only brings in cash, but it also helps build your resume and skills, forms professional relationships, and show initiative and leadership to future employers.

3. Learn time management

Although it may seem counterintuitive, working a part-time job may actually help you manage your time better. Since your schedule is full, you will have to block off time to do your homework, go to clubs and sports practice, attend church, and make it to work on time.

“I was actually more productive and organized during the semester that I was working because I had to use every hour of my day to get everything done,” shares Shari, an education and Bible major at Cairn.

Once you graduate, you will have to balance your work life and your personal obligations. College is a great time to practice time management skills. Instead of watching Netflix or napping during your free time, spend a few hours working to earn while you learn.

There are many benefits to working in college. However, if you find that you’re spending more time at your job than you are at school, consider working fewer hours. There’s nothing wrong with focusing solely on your schoolwork, your relationships, and your ministry in college. But if you have the time, working in college is a great way to earn money, learn some skills, and get your foot into the professional world.

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