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2013 Student Life Awards

On Wednesday, May 8, 2013, students were recognized for their contributions to the Cairn community over the past year.  Scott Cawood, Vice President for Student Life and Enrollment, opened the chapel hour by telling students that this was, “a Student Life day in which we get an opportunity to talk about you. You are the reason we are here.” He went on to affirm the many activities students are involved in, saying, “This is not an institution that exists to itself. It depends on you.”
The service began with various student leaders being recognized for their contributions throughout the year, from leading events to stepping up to take on leadership of student groups and organizations. The yearly awards were then presented to students by Mr. Cawood and new Dean of Students Tom Sherf. The annual End of Year Student Life Awards cover a variety of student roles, organizations, and events, as well as a special honor to the Parents of the Year.  They represent the breadth and depth of campus life at Cairn and honor those individuals who serve this dynamic community.
The Organization of the Year, honoring exemplary effort in building student learning and community building experiences through events and activities was awarded to Ascend, Cairn’s outdoor activity organization.  The Program of the Year, presented to the student group(s) who conducted a program or event students recognized unique, participatory, and community-building, went to the Heritage Hall Resident Life Team and Mu Kappa, the missionary kid and third culture kid organization, for World Feast, an event in which students brought food, décor, and cultural information about countries around the world to share with the student body. The Video Announcement of the Year, presented to the producers of the best chapel video announcement of the year, went to Will Goodwin for the Manor College Day on the Parkway announcement video.
The individual awards go to students who are noted for their involvement in and service to the Cairn community. The Highlander Award, presented to the student who has demonstrated University spirit through participation in more than one aspect of Cairn community life and supported other students in their involvement, was given to Ellen Squier.  The Outstanding Student Leader of the Year, presented to the student whose leadership best exemplifies the mission of Cairn University to be biblically minded, well-educated, and professionally competent, was awarded to Dave Shaffer.
The Intramural Sports Athlete of the Year award, presented to the female and male students who have participated in multiple intramural events and demonstrated sportsmanship and enthusiasm in their play went to Clayton Carlson and Hannah McCardle. The Student Life Servant Leader, presented to the male and female students in  Student Life leadership roles who have excelled in their position, showing personal investment in other students, was given to Seth Richardson and Nicole Nutting.
Finally, the Parent Award is given yearly to the parent(s) of a current Cairn University undergraduate student who exemplify the mission of Cairn by being biblically minded, well-educated, and professionally competent in their daily walk, work, church, and family life. The parents who receive this award have been nominated by their son or daughter who shares how their parents prepared them to come to Cairn and to be ready for adulthood, as well as how the parents have impacted others on campus through involvement in the lives of Cairn students and overall service to the Cairn community. Parents are often also nominated by other students whose lives they have impacted. This year, the parents of Brigid Shehan, Larry and Janice Shehan were presented with the award. In addition, the women’s softball team presented the Shehans with a handmade award of a softball painted in Cairn’s colors for their impact with the team.


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